Once you are registered with Woollahra Family Medical Practice, you can securely access your prescription and medical documents including medical certificates, pathology reports, referrals and more via the Woollahra Family Medical Practice App.

Please note that only results that have been discussed with your doctor will be available for viewing.

Accessing Your Prescription and Documents
  1. Download the MyPractice App using the links below

  2. Login using your phone number and date of birth.

  3. Select our centre as your home practice

Picking Up Your Medication 

To select your preferred pharmacy and pick up your medication follow these steps:

  1. Select your medication from the prescription tab

  2. Choose your pharmacy

  3. Collect your prescription using your unique and secure code.

Medication Delivery and Home Pathology Collection

If you are isolating or for any reason unable to travel outside of your home you have the option to have your medication delivered or your pathology collected at home. *Available in selected areas.

Benefits of using our app
  • You are able to access all your prescriptions and medical reports in one place

  • Increased privacy and confidentiality for your consultation and medical documents

  • Environmentally friendly by reducing paper waste going digital


For a copy of how my practice app handles your personal information, please click here (

Click the links below to Download the App. Alternatively, scan the QR code to download the app.